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Addressing Software Issues Regarding: Computer Security, Spyware, Adware and Malware Threats.

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Lending a hand with BitDefender Antivirus Plus with essential security

Welcome to ‘Security Essentials,’ where we recommend programs to aid ‘Computer Security,’ using:  Anti-virus, Firewall and FTP software, to protect your Family and Home/Office business computer, with free or low-cost secure digital IT.

Are you a cyber target? Well the truth is you are. You see, the cyber intruders; the key-loggers, the hackers, the malware and the viruses, are mainly after two things. Continue reading

WS_FTP Professional | Top Secure File Transfer Software!

Is WS_FTP Professional 12.3, all it’s cracked-up to be? The Computer Says Yes!

Love your computer and keep your kids surfing safe!


Let’s see what YOU think:
We require file transfer software to be designed to form a fast means of transferring files and information across the internet with the ability to manage and secure sensitive material. We don’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry interfering with our most precious info.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol), is the name of the process of sending information from your computer to Continue reading

BitDefender Antivirus Plus | Computer Security Top Status?

Will BitDefender Antivirus Plus Live Up To Its Top Computer Security Status?


Let’s see if Bitdefender Antivirus Plus can: Anti-phish, Anti-spy, Anti-id, Anti-mal and Anti-vi. Strange anti-start to a computer security maybe, but let’s see if it can really defend our computer and our identity whilst surfing and browsing the internet. I think it can! So let’s take a look at the evidence.

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How to Beat the FTC, Google and the Global Recession!

Why Affiliate Marketing could be in Danger from the Commercial Elite

Love your computer and keep your kids surfing safe.


If you’ve just joined me from the article, “Will the FTC and Google Devalue Affiliate Marketing in This Global Recession?” placed in recently, then you’ll be here because you’re looking for the answer to the holy grail. If you’ve come from elsewhere, then you might be wondering what this is all about.

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